Radio Sem 52


SEM 52-A

is a German portable radio of low power with six channels. It was developed to replace the outdated PRC-6/6. Its strange looking headset makes it an almost hands free radio ( only the PTT must be pushed. ) Besides, all the surrounding noise can be heard. Though the headset was developed for the army, the soldiers never grew accustomed to it. Thus SEM52-A was replaced after a rather short period by SEM-52S.
(SEM-53 with digital display was developed but not accepted).

It can co-operate with: RT-68, RT-70, RT-110, PRC-6/6, PRC-10, FSE-38-58, SEM-25, SEM-35, SEM-52S, SEM 70, SEM 80, SEM 90.

A very detailed description of the SEM-52A can be found in
Alan Tasker's article

Frequency range:
47.0... 56.975 MHz


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: 180 x 85 x 36 mm; 0.65 kg.
Transmitting power
0.2 Watts, FM
Type of traffic:
Frequency selection:
6 channels from 400 possible adjustable. For channels 1 to 4 there are 24 removable trays; 4 trays are in a container.
Spot frequencies:
Channel 5: 47.8 MHz, channel 6: 55.5 MHz.
0.5 µV with signal-to-noise ratio of 20 dB
Power supply:
6 AA cells or batteries.
Transceiver, head set, antenna, carrying bag.
Year of issue: